A Year of Changes


     This will be my first post in exactly one year. And let me say, reading my post from exactly one year has opened my eyes to the many changes in my life since then.

First off, I am not “boy crazy” anymore. I wasn’t the typical “boy crazy” though. I didn’t pursue relationships with boys, but they did take up a lot of my time. Now, God is my first priority and there is only one boy that I care about in a romantic way.

 It is crazy to see the growth in my spiritual life after one year. One of my best friends Kari Schonberg told me about a week ago that she had seen so much growth in my life over the past year. I guess I amgrowing up…

Which brings me to my next point, I AM TURNING 18!! I was only 16 when I posted last. I was in the midst of getting my permit and graduating high school. I didn’t have a  job or a car. Now I am 17 going on 18 and I have my license, am in my second semester of college, and have multiple jobs, and I semi-own a car! So much has changed in the course of one year.

One ironic thing that correlates both of these posts is that I gave blood around the same time last year as I did this year! While giving blood this year, I was reminiscing about the last time my church had given a blood drive. I had referred to the occasion that I had talked about in my post a year ago. Except I could have sworn it was only a couple of months ago. So that was weird to find out that was a YEAR ago.

Maybe I will keep this going….only post once a year on this date, February16th….I like the idea. I can look back on previous posts and see the difference in my life.

So what do I want to write that I can look at a year from now and be flabbergasted? Well…

Alaska, you better stinkin go on a foreign country mission trip. Remember to spend a daily quiet time with God! Learn more guitar! Go to the YMCA almost daily! SAVE YOUR MONEY! (Possibly for a car) Road trip with Kaitlynn! Learn more Spanish!

These are my goals for the upcoming year…Lord, help me.



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Life (Laskerz)

So wow, I haven’t blogged in FOREVER!!! Don’t really know where to start… but here we go!

I am listening to “Dancing Queen” by ABBA right now. This song always reminds me of my Mom. The reasoning behind this, is that this song was our theme song basically. I remember from my youth years of 3 till 12 we would blast the song and dance it out in the living room. Good times! In part of the song they say, “Dancing queen only seventeen…” and I remember when I was younger, while listening to those particular lyrics, I would wonder what it was gonna be like when I was seventeen! Here I am, only 5 months and 12 days away from it! Crazy, huh? Graduating early, driving, more responsibility, college, relationships, what a life!!

I have really learned a lot about myself this year. I know where I want to go and who I want to be. Now it is just getting there that is going to be interesting & rough. I know that I can’t rely on people, you think they are your friend & then they treat you like a human punching bag just because of your personality traits. This statement is especially aimed at male form. I am not the type of girl to be bossed around & talked down to. Give it to me straight & don’t tell me what to do. Now, I do agree that women should be submissive to their husbands and other men… But that doesn’t mean that women aren’t capable of making choices & doing their own thing. I don’t like the stereotypical woman; soft spoken, easily swayed, it’s poop. I am so sick of it! That’s my rant for the night! 🙂

Haha, well in other news, I gave blood yesterday! Amazing experience, I would do it again, but I don’t wanna pass out! In six months, I will do it again if given the chance! Also, I am going to be helping at the Carson animal shelter very soon! And I’m getting my drivers permit on February 25th! Hopefully! Fun stuff! Classes at Harbor are great so far!

Oh & Valentines Day was yesterday! Stupid holiday but none the less it would be nice to have an actual valentines day one year! Hopefully next year!
I was suppose to see my lover boy but the show was canceled 😦 So I went and got pie with Ann & Ro instead!

I promise I’m gonna try to blog more!!!

❤ Alaska

OH! And I kinda sorta like a boy! But he is a boy, so this poses as a problem since guys suck! They're kinda hard to deal with when you have this type of personality…

Well, my grandma & great grandma, who share a similar personality with me, did it. So I can too!

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I think I have OCD

Only a little OCD. I am watching True Life and it is abut people with OCD. Some of this stuff applies to me. Like when i type i have to do this weird things with my fingers where i stretch them or i itch in between my fingers with my thumbs. If i don’t i feel the need to do so.. Or if i get one hand wet, i have to get the other equally wet. But whatever. I think i felt left out actually and i just wanted to point out things that could be considered OCD. You know…


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My life as of now. [vron]

So i just came back from Thousand Pines. I was a Jr. High counselor. IT WAS SUPER awesome!

I am really pumped right now for God, The last three weekends have been High school camp, turn your campus conference, and this weekend was this camp.

I hope i can stay in touch with God like i have been.

So my fave Christian band played at both camps. The Fragrance. They are amazing! [right Laska?] They have such great worship sessions. i want to be able to worship like they do when i am up on stage. It is so hard to connect with God and keep my voice sounding pretty at the same time. [not like you can hear me.] But still.

In other news, i tried out for my fourth and final school play on Monday. It is a musical called Back To The 80’s. I prayed for God to help me out and just to guide me through my audition. The first part was dance. I am the worst dancer on this planet. I did pretty bad. I wasn’t nervous, but it was bad. Then the next part was singing. I was trying out for Featured Female Singer, so its a small part. I practiced the night before with Alaska, and i was singing it how i wanted it to sound. So i get up there and I start coughing. I have had a gnarly cough for about two months now. I lost my head tones after that cough and i knew it. [head tones=high notes or low notes out of your comfort range] Then i got nervous. I bombed my audition and it sounded terrible. In result, i did not get a role in the musical. I also did not get Stage Manager again and it went to a junior. I was pretty discouraged by this. I considered quiting the worship team because i felt i couldn’t sing.

This weekend was in perfect timing for this. I handled it pretty good and i really only had one time where i really had any type of expressed emotion. [okay i cried once because i was having a really bad day!] Anyways, i went to camp and during worship, i was sitting and i was really into the song. Not everyone was singing and i could hear myself. I realized, God gave me my voice for a reason. He wants me to sing and praise him with it. So not getting into this musical was in Gods will. I accept this now. He wants me to spend my time with him instead of at play rehearsals. I am so down for this life God is giving me. 

[Note To Alaska: I get butterflies and my face turns red just thinking of him! Ugh! <3]

peace love vron muwah!

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Being 18 is the best thing to happen to me. [vron]

These concerts took place Dec. 6 and 9

Yeah, I’m 18 now. It is the best thing in the world. i take it to my advantage, and its fun.

For my bday My friends Erica and Jeffrey took me to see New Moon where Erica an i yelled at the screen every five minutes. It was hilarious. When Edward took of his shirt, Erica stood up and yelled “Big Let Down! BIG Letdown!” it was priceless. then at the end when it was like *dramatic awkward silence… BLACK SCREAN* i proceeded to yell “WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Yeah, seeing movies with Erica and i is super fun.

Then on The Sunday after. Jeff Erica and I drove to Orange county. You may ask, “Why Vron, why on earth would you drive all the way out to Orange County on a Sunday?” well the reason is very obvious indeed. To see my boys from CASH CASH! why else? so we waited in like from 230 to 630 for the show. they came early and i was able to see them and give them their tshirts i made in my Desktop Publishing class. They loved them. And apparently Sam from $$ was being very very friendly with me, according to a stranger. Yeah, his flirting with me happened. I didnt get to see JP tho. he was hangin out with his BFF. I also discovered several bands that night that i really like now. Fight Fair, Stephen Jerzak [cutie 17 yr old], Tmills and Kill Paradise. we were also in the front of the stage. it was amazing. So i am going to tell you my favorite moment while Cash Cash was on stage. They started playing their cover of 911, fire on the dance floor, and i was like “Oh sad day that previous Merch guy, MC Oz would not be doing his normal rap during this song. [Oz was no longer on tour with them] then when the rap part came on Oz jumped out of the back room and started rapping. I screamed my face off! My excitement level was sky high at this point [i actually freaked out several people around me who did not know who he was.] Then after Cash Cash got off, we went to the back to chill out. While i was dripping with sweat Oz walked by. I was like “OZZ!!! I love you!” so he came over and gave me a big hug, He told me how he was really happy to have a ‘Love you long time’ fan, i told him i actually met him at the last show and he instantly remembered me. He was really excited then. He was actually leaving right when i stopped him. Good call on my part! So he said goodbye and gave me another hug. i freakin miss that guy! he is the sweetest guy in the world! I also saw one of the CashCash family girls [from the $$ free show] and we talked for a little. Then i took a picture of her and Stephen Jerzak. Oh that kid is so adorable. After the show we were waiting around for JP in the back of the venue. Sam came up to me after getting awkwardly attacked by some fan girls. I asked him where the heck JP was and he just shrugged then hugged me. I guess he had to make up for it. He is so silly! [not to mention he was teasing me for scaring me at the free show… poop head] Then suddenly there was a huge fight on stage between Breathe Carolina and the Chain Reaction security guards. The security guards started it. it was intense seeing the band guys all trying to break up the fight. But we got kicked out, along with all the bands, Anthony was laughing the whole time[standing behind us,silly guy.] and a security guard half my size came up to us and yelled at us to get out, i just stared at him and he proceeded to hit me with a broom. I mad dogged him and slowly walked out. Apparently he pushed my buddy Erica. if i saw that, their would have been one more fight that night. so we went out to the parking lot and chilled by $$’s van, then the police came and said “Get in your car and drive away, if you dont have a car start walking.” so we went and sat on the curb and waited for my mom. It was a great night!

Then the next concert of my birthday present was at the world famous ROXY. it was my 18 and older party with my Italian Princess aka Erica. We waited in line forever in the freezing cold. I was approached by one of the most gorgeous men in the world. Jon Bolin of UhOh! Explosion. He asked if i would like to listen to his music and possibly buy it. I agreed and started listening. I liked it instantly. Then the guy was like really excited. he went away and another guy came up to me . He is Justin Tyler. he asked for the same favor. His music was AMAZING!! i fell in love with his music instantly. i bought it and he gave me a hand shake. it was adorable.  then later i went on an epic adventure to find the Princess a restroom. [along the way o saw the lead singer of Kill Paradise alone in a store, i was super tempted to go MIA and abort my mission to talk to him. but i decided going AWOL was lame.] Eventually Erica made cute eyes at the bouncer and he agreed to let her use the potty in the ROXY. So, in line i was talking with Erica and Jon came back and was flirting with me. I was like in love. Then Princess scared him away. Then we got in and it was a great concert, we were front left stage, It was freakin sick! I got danced on by JP from Cash Cash and it made my night :] It is cool to have him interact with us while he is on stage. I just feel so special because he knows he can get away with stuff with us and not the strangers in the crowd.  [That sounds really dirty but i mean it in a not dirty way because all he does is like grab our hands or dances on us.. hmm still sounds dirty..] But yeah.. After the show we waited around, i bought a cash cash jacket and Kyle from Fight Fair basically forced me to buy a CD from him. He stopped me and asked if i liked them, i said yes, so he did some convincing and i caved. Then he made me swear i would listen to the CD everyday, I think i have actually… Then he told me how much he loved me and gave me a big hug. SO sweet. I got to see JP finally and I asked if he like the Tshirt Alex was SUPPOSED to give him. he never got it. So JP made me come with him to scold his little brother. Oh Alex, its ALWAYS me you mess with! HAhaha. I also talked about the weather with Alex.. i am SO lame! and he said that he thought Cali never got cold. i responded with “Dont tell anyone but that is our little secret” he got a kick out of it. Love-hate relationship! Yepp. Later after leaving, we saw Alex trying to get into his van so i stopped to ask when they were coming back… [spring… lame] Then JP came over and Alex freaked out because he couldnt get it. then JP opened it with the KEYS. Alex, doors need to be unlocked :]. But any ways… it was amazing!!! ❤

Peace Love Vron

ps, i started writting this Jan. 18 and i just now remembered about it… :]

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Remember Me $$? [Vron]

Me Alaska Anthony

Me Alaska Anthony

Jean Paul and I

Jean Paul and IAlex the man!

Alex and the soda i bought him
Alex and the soda i bought him
Ozzy the Merch guyy

Ozzy the Merch guyy

Alaska, Sam and I

Alaska, Sam and I



This was an amazing night! [2 nights]




Monday I got two free tickets to a private Family Force 5 concert at the Gibson Showroom. My friend Ginger really likes them so I wanted her to be my guest. It was also an excuse to hang out with her. So we drive out to Beverly Hills and I know where we were going. Until the option to go on the local access lane or the thru traffic lane. I thought we went on the Local access the last time I went. So we went there and ended up on Rodeo drive. Forty five minutes of driving around asking for directions by Valet guys and a guy on a bike, we luckily found it. We waited in line and had a great time. Once we got in we were pretty close, as in 8 feet from them. They are crazy! They have great music. I had a great time. After the show they pointed out a band who was touring with them called QNS, Or Queens Club. I saw a guy with long brown hair and a Cash Cash shirt on. He was the kind of guy I really wanted to give a hug. I hardly ever have an erg to want to hug a total stranger, but I really wanted to hug him. I took a picture of him, stalkerish, I know. I never gave him a hug. It was a great show.

On Tuesday, OH MY LANTA!!!! We all got in line at 5:00 that night. Then Jeff ran away and I followed him. Then suddenly it was like I had gone to Narnia. Twenty feet below us in the House of Blues band parking lot, I saw five different Band buses and trailers. Then the Afro of Majesty walked from behind the band. Anthony Villacai was there. Heck yes! The others came around too. I whistled a few times at them but they didn’t hear. I did see Breath Carolina below and told them I wasn’t trying to get their attention… But I did say hi. We got Alaska and Erica to come over and they were nervous to even be in sight of them. I was watching them as of I were at the Zoo, loll. We ran back to line and chilled for a while. They soon after closed off Narnia and stayed put. After waiting until about six, I had to go to the rest room. Alaska pointed out a girl with a Cash Cash shirt on and I screamed and bee lined to her. It wasn’t a stranger, it was Sharron, Rachel and Leslie, part of our Cash Cash family from August 24. I was really excited to see them. I’m sure Alaska was very confused. We introduced them to Alaska and they introduced three other people, one was Kimberly, Crystal and for the life of me I can’t remember the other girl’s name. We got in at 7:20. We were pretty close, for the House of Blues. We waited until 8 for the first band ‘I Rival” to go on. They were really good. They had a great sound to them and great music. The next Band was “Queens Club” And there was the man I wanted to hug, on drums! He was INSANE on the drums! I wasn’t expecting that from him. I loved them. I didn’t get any pictures of them, but I wish I did!

The Moment couldn’t come sooner. The curtains opened and Anthony was sitting behind his purple zebra striped drums, ready to rock it. Alex ran out next. Then Sam. When Jean Paul walked out I screamed so loud it hurt. They sounded so good! I danced so hard that I was tired by the second song. I was sweating and I could barley stand, but I continued to jump and scream. Between Every song Erica screamed “I love you JP!” I then would yell “MARRY ME!” It wasn’t really directed at any of them as one. It was just whoever would accept my offer. They sand a cover song and in the middle a man in overalls ran out and started rapping. He was amazing. He ran off and they continued their crazy ways. They played ‘Cash Cash’, ‘Sugar Rush’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘911’ and of course ‘Party in your Bedroom’. It was the coolest.

As soon as they were off stage, we ran out of the crazy mob and went upstairs to the Merch tables. I went to the Cash Cash table where Ozzy was working. Ozzy was the same guy who rapped for them. I started talking to him and distracted him from his work and other customers. We went and sat at the stairs and we waited. I got up and went to go talk to Ozzy again. Then there stood Alex. I ran to the others and we stood behind him and waited for him to turn around. We were beat by crazy fan girls who wanted pictures with him and one girl who was trying to dance with him. He wasn’t to into that so he lay on the table. Suddenly all the girls were gone and he was up. I went over to the table and leaned in. he also leaned in. I asked if he was tired. He said they were all sick. I was very sad for him so I offered to buy him a Coke. He was Afraid I would put Date Rape in it so I told him I would buy him a can. They stopped selling cans and I had a problem. I went back and leaned over the table. He leaned in, again and I explained my predicament. He agreed to trust me with buying a fountain drink. When I brought it back, he took it, smelled it, took a sip and pretended to choke. It was hilarious. He was very grateful for my gift. I asked for a picture and he didn’t give me a funny look like he did the other girls. I turned to see Sam Chillin with the others. I went over and he defiantly remembered me. I reminded him of the Car alarm incident and he was laughing at me. He is always a sweet heart. After a while I started chillen out with whoever and watched Breathe Carolina for one song from the balcony. When I went back I got a picture with Ozzy, he was really excited to take a picture with me. 

I soon saw him. My Hug mate. [Soul mate, but hug] My two friends from the previous show where talking to him. That gave me the courage to go up to him. When I went over suddenly all his attention was directed at me. I felt bad because he sort of blocked the others out of the world. We started talking about how things were and how the show was going. He was having a great time. He told me he had only been to Cali a few times. He also told me about his previous band he was with. I told him about getting lost in Beverly Hills. we also talked about Cash Cash and the tour. He asked how i liked the show the night before. He was about to go sell merch when he gave me a hand shake and he used my bracelets as another topic starter. We talked about concerts I had been to and my history of concerts. He also asked if I had a tattoo on my fingers but he realized it was sharpie. I pointed out my temporary tattoo of Kung fu Panda and we talked about that. He asked what I had bought and he wanted to know if I bought a CD of QNS. I didn’t buy one yet so he started talking about why is should buy one. One, the back is pink, two, he is the drummer, three, there is a picture of a girls face, who he does not know. He sold me at two. I asked for a hug from him. He was really excited to give me a hug. I was right about Hug mates :] and I told him how I wanted to give him a hug the night before but I was too afraid. He said I should have given him a hug anyway and he said he remembered me from the previous night. I was really happy after that conversation.

Soon I went back to Alex and chatted with him a little, then to Sam. I looked out to the hall to see and Afro. Anthony walked into the room. I let all the girls swarm him. He was defiantly the sickest of them. He had dark rings around his eyes and a red nose. He took some pictures and I went over and started talking to him. He remembered me from the last concert and was excited to see me. According to Jeff he was laughing and smiling when I was talking to him. But when anyone else would talk to him he wouldn’t be too into the conversation. He took some pictures with us and he was soon on his way to talk to Sam.

A minute or two later, Jean Paul walked out. I was super excited because he was really cool at the last concert and he really spent time to get to know us. He immediately went to Jeff and talked to him about how he was sitting up on Alaska and Erica’s shoulders during the concert. He thought that was cool. We got some pictures with him. I had to tell him my pedicure story. When he looked down at my toes he pulled out his phone to take a picture. He started shaking his phone and I was really confused. So he started to slap my foot. I was really confused until I realized he wanted me to move my feet together. Ha.


Soon we had to depart. We went around and said good bye to all of our friends. We then went around and I said bye to the entire band and my new Bff.

By the way, His name is Jake Ryan. Ha-ha that is the famous guy Hannah Montana dated in the show. So when I mention him, everyone thinks it is that guy, and not the awesome guy I met. He was so cool. :]

That was my AMAZING night!

I really Hope Alaska posts her impression of the concert :O

Btw, I have the best luck ever when I go to concerts, I am just saying!

Peace Love Vron<3

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Never get over confident. {vron}

So, Auditions, I didnt get Fionna, but the part went to Racheal Kang who is freaking hilarious and is amazing at acting. I am really happy for her!
And i also didnt get stage manager. I was really hoping to get that crew position.
I’m not saying i didnt get anything, I got Costume Mistress. The job will be quite easy for me since it is my second time doing it. (The first time was for Romeo and Juliet! Nothing will ever be harder than that show!) That just means I am really good with this position. Considering it is alot of trust going into me. We order $3000 worth of rented costumes. (Imagine how much it would be if we lost costumes!) I also get to rip clothing off of people between scenes. (Like changing a 90 yearold character to be a 20 year old character.) This job is also really fun. The downside is the cleaning. I get to clean 2 closets, in haunted dungeon by myself. YES!!! hahah. nr…

Another thing is Desktop Publishing class… ugh. I still havent been able to get into the film class. So i am probably staying.
There is nothing worst than bing in a class you dont want to be in with a teacher you already had [who you didnt like] and being really good at it. I have gotten 100% on every project so far. As in like 5. I dont know why i am so good at it but i am. Its probably because i am very artistic and i am a perfectionist when it comes to art. (But my perfection is very diffrent than others as in if it turns out how i imagine, i am proud of my work. I really dont care about critiques.) Well i have to go get ready for Bakersfield.

Peace Love Vron



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